Meshan Team
Founded by four Omani sisters who grew up in the interior of Oman with dates at their table, Meshan is more than a team, they are a family in every sense of the word. Recognizing the importance of dates as an integral part of Omani culture and hospitality, it was the lack of presentation and proper packaging that sparked the idea of Meshan. The sisters quickly identified that a powerful opportunity existed to create Oman's first refined brand of dates that not only boasted exquisite flavour but also impeccable presentation.

It was with this vision in mind that the sisters sought to elevate the Omani staple to its rightful place in the market by integrating a mix of traditional and modern flavors with their fusion of innovation and artistic flare. Driven by this collective passion and a love of their land, the entrepreneurial sisters began their journey to founding Meshan.

And so it was that in 2011, the two eldest sisters founded Meshan and set off to penetrate the challenging sweets and confectionary market. In the meantime, the two youngest sisters studied hospitality management. Some years later, the group joined together and embarked upon the exciting journey of creating and growing the Meshan brand!

Today the Meshan sisters are a dynamic force in the Oman entrepreneurial ecosystem and are an inspiration to other young Omani's who aspire to create their own business and leave a legacy of economic and social impact.

Shatha Abdullah Ali Al-Jabri
Cofounder, Director of Sales & Marketing

With a flair for developing relationships and a strong foundation in finance, Shatha takes the lead on sales efforts at Meshan. She is HACCP certified and a graduate of a recognized hospitality level sweets and chocolates program. Shatha can most often be found developing new marketing campaigns and is the force behind Meshan's exciting sales success.
Wafa Abdullah Ali Al-Jabri
Cofounder, Director Business Development & Administration

An MBA graduate who doubles as a developer, Wafa gave up her IT roots to turn her undergraduate science training into a full-time obsession with flavours. As part of the Meshan team, Wafa joins her sisters in experimenting and creating the perfect fusion of flavours and artistic presentation. As Director of Business Development, Wafa can most often be found administering Meshan's day-to-day operations and business development activities.
Ahed Abdullah Ali Al-Jabri
Director, Production & Quality Assurance

Ahed is formally trained in Hospitality Management and holds a degree from Willam Angliss Institute in Australia. Civically minded, Ahed turns her attention to the sustainability of the date trade in Oman and oversees the production and quality of every date and date sweet that leaves Meshan's facility. Ahed can most often be found on the production side of the business and overseas Meshan's new product development and food safety.
Waad Abdullah Ali Al-Jabri
Meshan Commis Chief, Social Media Blogger

Also a graduate of Hospitality Management Baking and pastry, Waad try to create Pastries that are unique in flavor and shape. As for the Lavender Cake, Waad infuse the taste of aroma and cream to end with a purplish spongy cake to be the signature and best seller of Meshan.

Waad didn’t forget our Omani traditional sweets; she tries to bring them in modern presentation but with the same traditional taste. Fusion of past and present in every bite you can taste in “Khabisa” Meshan best seller.

Trying to take Meshan kitchen to international level by infuse new recipes, Waad is working hard to develop Meshan end products’ presentation and improving her skills by attending online tutorials and classed in cooking art.

Waad draws on her training as an assistant teacher to direct the social communications of Meshan. Waad can most often be found fostering Meshan's communication and media relation.