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Meshan story

It began with a pairing of passion and love for a treasured fruit that has forever provided nourishment to an ancient land and its people. This is the story of four Omani sisters whose love of dates propelled them on a journey to select the finest specimens and infuse them with natural flavors, leading the way to Oman's first hand-crafted, premium date line: Meshan.

Each Meshan date and date sweet unlocks a chapter of an intriguing story. From harvest to table, each hand-selected date is treat delicately and with appreciation. Infused with the natural flavours of cardamom, almonds, local spices and dozens of other flavours, Meshan marries the best that the senses can experience from Arabia, Persia and Asia. The story continues with a stamp of approval by the sisters themselves and specially designed packaging that delights the eye even before the true experience of Meshan begins: enjoying these exquisite sweets in the company of loved ones.With such date delights at the heart of it's offering, Meshan promises its clients only the most refined experience where palates are satisfied by the most flavorsome melanges the world has yet to taste.

From the rich lands of Oman to the tables of its clients, Meshan's value chain secures an honest, fair-trade and seamless journey that focuses on the selection of premium quality dates for its wide collection of date sweets. It is here, nestled deep in the Arabian Peninsula where the date trade has flourished for centuries, that Omani farmers carefully cultivate their crops and contribute to the sustainability of this ancient sector. Meshan's farmerstend closely to the date season from fertilization to harvest, pursuing the tradition bequeathed by the nation's ancestors until this day. It is through the skill and endurance of these farmers that Meshan enjoys good harvests and a careful selection of top quality dates for their clients.Every box of Meshan dates emanates the true experience of the brand: celebrating the alluring flavors of premium local produce merged with discriminating connoisseurship that results in unique, handcrafted sweets.

Charged with countless health benefits, Meshan's fine dates and unique date sweets carry the soul of the ancient land into a growing number of households today. Dates are an excellent source of iron and potassium as well as numerous minerals like calcium, manganese, copper, and magnesium. It is the date's rich dietary fiber that aids in the reduction of LDL cholesterol absorption as well as retaining anti-inflammatory, anti-infective as well as anti-cancer properties. Prophet Muhammad called upon Muslims to break their fast with dates due to the high-energy health benefits found in this delicate fruit.

And the story does not end there: driven by their vision to create a holistic luxury brand, Meshan offers its celebrated date collection and exquisite date sweets in its newly opened cafe in Muscat. Meshan Cafe is an elegant haven for those who wish to enjoy the full experience of Meshan's gourmet collection or make a selection of their favorites to enjoy at home.

We invite you to enjoy our products and services and be part of a community that has an exquisite taste for date delights!